Monday, March 16, 2015

Blog Review: Break Dance - Freestyle

The blog of Break Dance - Freestyle by the author Pablo was made during the days 11-16 of June, 2008. It has three sections of information:

  • How breakdance came known in the world and how it help not have that much violence in the streets. 
  • Features of the dance. 
  • Different kinds of styles the combine into the style of hip hop like the breakdance. 

I like it, it had great information, it explain that in the 70 years the teenagers of the south of Bronx, New York of the community of Latina and African American with a long history, they afford the dance in the streets.

 It was a way to be able to dance and express what is inside of you like the exterior. A dance in where you can be creative and original in each individual. Have the freedom to create your owns movements. This type of cultural keeps going thanks to those hearts that all these individuals have for the dance.

 The style includes funk, hip hop, breakdance, krumping, liquid dance, locking, popping, robot, tutting, and uprock like a lot more genres. For example; Popping involves fast contraction and relaxation of muscles to cause a boost in the dancer's body related to a stroke and locking is characterized by fast and distant movement on the hands and arms combined with more relaxed movements of legs and hips. 

It needed more posts, but the two post posted they were nice. It would be great if they could keep blogging about it even thought if it is in Spanish but no worries you can translate it once you enter the blog. It has great images to view at the side, it helps to imagine and see how some moves will come out.

Have a look, check it out! :D Have a great day!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Turn it Up!

Relax and put some music,
Pump the day with your dramatic.
Put it high, put it low,
Get ready to blow with your grow.

Get up and shake the boogie,
With the humor that come up to you!
Don't get upset because there is no partner,
Just get the broom and sweep away!

Dance like if you were doing tango,
Wipe of the negative that wanders around.
That it wouldn't do no good,
Like if nobody is at home.

Chill and pump up some energy.
Yeah, Yeah you can do it...
Don't let nothing let you go down
Give it a try...once....twice...
I know you can do it!

Shake, shake..
Spin, spin...
Twist, twist...