Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Diverse Perspectives on Subway Breakdancing

After watching some of the videos of breakdancers dancing in the New York subways, and on the website where people publish their comments about their opinion of if they either agree or disagree in that they should dance in the subways in New York, makes you want to experience, be there to see the dancers in action.

The videos below are very cool, check them out:

Watching them makes you feel tickles. They look cool but at the same time scary.When I see that they get on the pole it remembers me of that video where this lady is dancing all sexy when the suddenly falls with all pole. For sure the ones in the subway are place hard, that's how it looks but it could move. 

According to the comments on the website, I hate those subway breakdancers are deep. Several people are annoyed by the breakdancers that do it every day, showing the same moves each time. Some people don't like it because the doors get block by them or people that decided to stand, and by the time its time to get off at their stop, they can't get off the fast.

One of the comments said that on a day the dancers got on and minutes later they started dancing and somehow the guy dancing hit women in the nose when he was doing a flip. Others believe that the dancers should be arrested and others believe that it is better to dance than to be stealing.I believe that they should dance once in a while the subways so that way the people that go on every day won't get frustrated.

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