Thursday, February 19, 2015

How to do a windmill to backspin


The windmill is a popular move in breakdance. The breaker will roll his torso continuously in a circular path on the floor, across the upper chest, shoulder, and back while twirling his legs in a V- shape through the air.  

You will first start with a push up position with your knees touching the floor. Then, you will be taking your left arm and do the stabbed a basic windmill that will keep the hips up high which aids and executes the move. Next, you will bend the arm and place your elbow below your belly button and center left to right. Your right arm should be stabbed your right fingers should be pointing behind you. After, you will turn your upper body a little bit to the right, rotating your shoulders clockwise so you are looking to the right. Move your left hand over your right hand to do the stabbed. Rotate your lower to the right, so you drop to the left sides of your knees and your toes pointing to the right. You can make some adjustments to feel more comfortable. 


It will be an easy move to do, first you sit on the floor with one feet straight and the other leg in bend to 90 degrees. Then, you will kick in a circular motion with the other feet bend feet, follow with the straight one and go on your back. 

Finally, you will mix both of the moves, first the windmill and then add the backspin to complete your move. This move takes a lot of practice, discipline, and dedication. 

I'm very glad I could find the following animation to help you see how the move will come out. It looks really cool, I like it. It so amazing to how this guy can move like a worm. 

Have a great week  :D 


  1. Wow, that seems like a really cool move I think I might try the these two moves. I think it's really cool that you added in a video.

    1. Yeah, you should try it out, it would be really cool to learn some moves. :D

  2. I think it's so cool how some people can do that. You should try watching movies that have those type of moves & other type , they're called Step up, Step Up 2. They're pretty good movies. You've probably seen them, but if you haven't then I suggest you watch them.

  3. this is helpful, and a easy guide! good job thanks!

  4. this is helpful, and a easy guide! good job thanks!