Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Three Awesome Resources of breakdance

Resource #1:  B-boying Wikipedia
 Wikipedia's article, "B-boying" (2007),defines that breakdance has got wider each time all over the culture and it comes originally from African American and Puerto Ricans youth in New york in the early 1980s. Wikipedia asserts this by giving us breif information about subtites of breakdance with a couple of images and video. Wikipedia's purpose is to be informed what  a free style dance like b-boying/breakdancing is all about. Thier audience is for everybody who is interested in breakdance.

April Klazema's udemy blog, "5 Break Dance Moves for Beginners" (June 3, 2014), introduces 5  moves  that will make you look great on the dance floor. Klazema affirms this by explaining the definition of the moves and the steps to it. Klazema's purpose is to make a beginner feel great at the time of dancing and to make you feel confident at the dance floor. Her audiences are beginners in b-boying/breakdance.

Leonard Deleon's website, "Top 25 Craziest Breakdance Moves" (May 23, 2012), listed the 25 top craziest moves of breakdance. Deleon demonstrates this by showing a example of the move by a video and giving a little definition of the move. His purpose is to illustrate 25 diferente crazy moves , to see what all kinds of moves a b-boy or a b-girl are capable of at the dance floor. Deleon's audience is for breakdancers with experienced. 

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