Thursday, January 29, 2015

Never let your dreams go away (A short work of fiction)

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Lucy, age 16, who grew up in two different families. One was her dad's family and the other one her mom's; they separated when she only had 8. Lucy was the only child that was from their own blood, and the other 3 kids were adopted; there were two girls and one boy. The two girls' names were Patty and Gisel, and they both were 15, and the boy was Tomas, age 13.They would get along very well, and although there were several fights, but they didn't come from the kids, they came from the parents. Between the parents there was no longer love, their purpose was to make Tomas, Gisel and Patty have hate towards Lucy and make her have a terrible life of teenager. Lucy noticed that her parents were no longer in love and that they wanted to use her brothers to make her unhappy. When the process of separation started, Lucy, Patty, Gisel and Tomas had to go to an orphanage, but that didn't separate their love of brothers. 

Lucy had always dreamed to be a B-girl, but her parents never let her take breakdance lessons because supposedly it was not educational for her and that it was just taking money away. Every weekend, Lucy would meet with her brothers in a park near a block away from the house of her mom. Several teenagers would hang out there every night. It was a really relaxing place because there would be a variety of music and food. One night Lucy, Tomas, Gisel and Patty decided to stay longer and watch what everybody would be talking about. They were so surprised when they saw people making a big circle with a big space around. The first thought that came to Lucy's mind was that there was going to be a fight. Then, all of a sudden, they heard a lot of genres mix, they peeked in and they saw several groups. It looked very cool; they were enjoying it when they noticed it was 10, which was the time for the workers of the orphanage to check if every kid was already asleep. Lucy was worried that they would not get there in time, and thanks to her, they would get in trouble. So they decided to go back as if nothing happened. The next day, it was a visit day in the orphanage. Lucy had an idea to go with some of the dancers that she met last night. 

To be continued................ :D

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  1. Most wonderful story, Beatriz! I would love to see this in the form of a novel, where you further develop the conflict between Lucy and her siblings and parents. Great job!

    1. Thank you very much, Mrs. Kajtaniak I really appreciate being in your class and be able to meet a great person like you! I will be glad to continue the story of Lucy. Thank you very much for being there all times.