Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Never give up in your questions, that you will find them

During the research on my blog yesterday, I have come up with others question but I also found answers to my questions.

What it takes to be able to move in a way where leave everything behind and be yourself?  During the research on my blog, I have learned that you just need to feel confident, love and feel the music in your heart. Learning to move in the dance floor and show all you got makes you feel good. Always have careful and instructor to be able to dance because any little step you do can hurt you.

What is the style of dressing? The style is the creation of every individual. The purpose of the style of the way they dress is to make it unique probably similar to others but with your own creation. Many of the b-boys and b-girls are categorized in some styles that have are the similar dressing. For example: the power, the abstract, blow-up and the flavor. There is also the downrock and power versus which are in different areas in where they are popularized. It depends in what kind of moves you do.

The music they use is not in particular hip-hop, they use different kind genres, as long as it gets the beat to the moves and the tempo it is perfect.  It is usually used different types of song into a remix with the DJ. The most genres used are jazz, soul, funk, electro and disco.

There have been 7 world championships. The most recent championship is called World B-Boy Classic, in which the dancers have an hour before the competition begin to find a random partner. The point is to judge who does the best chemistry with someone that you haven't trained with.

It takes a lot of practice and a lot of the time depends on the effort you put in it but also to take it easy. The best way would be to create your own performance so that way you can feel confident about the moves and accommodate the step with the beat of the music without any problem.


  1. I love your wording in every paragraph. The images in blog really act a lot of it they pop out to the eye. I like the effort you put in to your blog.