Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How I feel about the music and the moves of breakdance

I'm passionate about the music and the moves of a B-boy/B-girl. They move without fare, probably they do feel a little bit, but they don't give up at the dance floor. I know you do need a lot of concentration and training. You need to be able to hold your own body.

 A lot of the moves are due by using just with one hand, using your elbow or your neck. It's really cool how one part of your body can hold all your weight and while in motion. It’s like if they were like a rubberband. I have read great stories of different people that have become a b-boy/b-girl and its real amazing how they feel passion about breakdance. Each time I read one, it makes me want to know more. I would like to share with you guys the following story of a "todo dar" guy (a cool guy) who became and felt passion about breakdance

The music also gives you a beat in your heart and most of the songs of hip-hop and rap relates to your lifestyle, it could be about problems like beautiful moments in your life. Every day I get from home I put different genres of music to be relax and it also makes me want to go for more adventures in my life.

 I have learn that breakdance is not only a simple culture of hip-hop but it's also a great way to express your life. Sometimes we give up in our accomplishments for many reason for example for the time and effort it takes,so we decided to fall down which it relates to the moves of a b-boy/b-girl, it teach us that we can't just say no, I can't, we have to get up and do it, if we really want to accomplish it we will. 

Have a great day!! :D

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