Friday, January 23, 2015

Breakdance in News

The following news B-Boy Fed: Reaching & Empowering Local Teens Through Non-Traditional Dance is about an organization called: B-Boy Federation. The organization has wanted to bring breakdancing back now in days and give local dancers an opportunity to develop and showcase their skills. 

Their goal is to be an umbrella organization that provides opportunities for non-traditional dancers, for people who do not take classes in a studio necessarily, who isn't a ballet, jazz, tap type of dancer. They are providing opportunities to the dancers by apply their skills professionally through paid performances and competitions. 

A performer at the B-Boy Federation said that he has become more outgoing and confident guy since he joins this organization. It's a good way in where they have the full access to an outlet that allows them to express themselves. When many dancers are having a hard day, they come the Federation to feel better and have a great time with all kinds of different people and meet more. 

The Federation will also soon commence work with the Sunny Vale Neighborhood Center. They would like to teach refugee kids how to dance. A lot of teens are experiencing through performance and practice in dance moves of the 80's, which make them feel happy for themselves. The organization is gladly to help non-traditional dancers in local places.

 I think this a great organization, where you can spend a wonderful time with your friends but also express your feelings by dancing. It's nice to know that there are all kinds of different places to get trained and be part of a hip-hop society no matter who you are. Though some are different types of dances that are part of breakdance which I think it's cool to have a mix of different music. I hope this organization makes more teens happy and get to spend time with non-traditional dancers.

Have a great day! :D

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