Thursday, January 29, 2015

Never let your dreams go away (A short work of fiction)

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Lucy, age 16, who grew up in two different families. One was her dad's family and the other one her mom's; they separated when she only had 8. Lucy was the only child that was from their own blood, and the other 3 kids were adopted; there were two girls and one boy. The two girls' names were Patty and Gisel, and they both were 15, and the boy was Tomas, age 13.They would get along very well, and although there were several fights, but they didn't come from the kids, they came from the parents. Between the parents there was no longer love, their purpose was to make Tomas, Gisel and Patty have hate towards Lucy and make her have a terrible life of teenager. Lucy noticed that her parents were no longer in love and that they wanted to use her brothers to make her unhappy. When the process of separation started, Lucy, Patty, Gisel and Tomas had to go to an orphanage, but that didn't separate their love of brothers. 

Lucy had always dreamed to be a B-girl, but her parents never let her take breakdance lessons because supposedly it was not educational for her and that it was just taking money away. Every weekend, Lucy would meet with her brothers in a park near a block away from the house of her mom. Several teenagers would hang out there every night. It was a really relaxing place because there would be a variety of music and food. One night Lucy, Tomas, Gisel and Patty decided to stay longer and watch what everybody would be talking about. They were so surprised when they saw people making a big circle with a big space around. The first thought that came to Lucy's mind was that there was going to be a fight. Then, all of a sudden, they heard a lot of genres mix, they peeked in and they saw several groups. It looked very cool; they were enjoying it when they noticed it was 10, which was the time for the workers of the orphanage to check if every kid was already asleep. Lucy was worried that they would not get there in time, and thanks to her, they would get in trouble. So they decided to go back as if nothing happened. The next day, it was a visit day in the orphanage. Lucy had an idea to go with some of the dancers that she met last night. 

To be continued................ :D

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Breakdance in News

The following news B-Boy Fed: Reaching & Empowering Local Teens Through Non-Traditional Dance is about an organization called: B-Boy Federation. The organization has wanted to bring breakdancing back now in days and give local dancers an opportunity to develop and showcase their skills. 

Their goal is to be an umbrella organization that provides opportunities for non-traditional dancers, for people who do not take classes in a studio necessarily, who isn't a ballet, jazz, tap type of dancer. They are providing opportunities to the dancers by apply their skills professionally through paid performances and competitions. 

A performer at the B-Boy Federation said that he has become more outgoing and confident guy since he joins this organization. It's a good way in where they have the full access to an outlet that allows them to express themselves. When many dancers are having a hard day, they come the Federation to feel better and have a great time with all kinds of different people and meet more. 

The Federation will also soon commence work with the Sunny Vale Neighborhood Center. They would like to teach refugee kids how to dance. A lot of teens are experiencing through performance and practice in dance moves of the 80's, which make them feel happy for themselves. The organization is gladly to help non-traditional dancers in local places.

 I think this a great organization, where you can spend a wonderful time with your friends but also express your feelings by dancing. It's nice to know that there are all kinds of different places to get trained and be part of a hip-hop society no matter who you are. Though some are different types of dances that are part of breakdance which I think it's cool to have a mix of different music. I hope this organization makes more teens happy and get to spend time with non-traditional dancers.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How I feel about the music and the moves of breakdance

I'm passionate about the music and the moves of a B-boy/B-girl. They move without fare, probably they do feel a little bit, but they don't give up at the dance floor. I know you do need a lot of concentration and training. You need to be able to hold your own body.

 A lot of the moves are due by using just with one hand, using your elbow or your neck. It's really cool how one part of your body can hold all your weight and while in motion. It’s like if they were like a rubberband. I have read great stories of different people that have become a b-boy/b-girl and its real amazing how they feel passion about breakdance. Each time I read one, it makes me want to know more. I would like to share with you guys the following story of a "todo dar" guy (a cool guy) who became and felt passion about breakdance

The music also gives you a beat in your heart and most of the songs of hip-hop and rap relates to your lifestyle, it could be about problems like beautiful moments in your life. Every day I get from home I put different genres of music to be relax and it also makes me want to go for more adventures in my life.

 I have learn that breakdance is not only a simple culture of hip-hop but it's also a great way to express your life. Sometimes we give up in our accomplishments for many reason for example for the time and effort it takes,so we decided to fall down which it relates to the moves of a b-boy/b-girl, it teach us that we can't just say no, I can't, we have to get up and do it, if we really want to accomplish it we will. 

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Never give up in your questions, that you will find them

During the research on my blog yesterday, I have come up with others question but I also found answers to my questions.

What it takes to be able to move in a way where leave everything behind and be yourself?  During the research on my blog, I have learned that you just need to feel confident, love and feel the music in your heart. Learning to move in the dance floor and show all you got makes you feel good. Always have careful and instructor to be able to dance because any little step you do can hurt you.

What is the style of dressing? The style is the creation of every individual. The purpose of the style of the way they dress is to make it unique probably similar to others but with your own creation. Many of the b-boys and b-girls are categorized in some styles that have are the similar dressing. For example: the power, the abstract, blow-up and the flavor. There is also the downrock and power versus which are in different areas in where they are popularized. It depends in what kind of moves you do.

The music they use is not in particular hip-hop, they use different kind genres, as long as it gets the beat to the moves and the tempo it is perfect.  It is usually used different types of song into a remix with the DJ. The most genres used are jazz, soul, funk, electro and disco.

There have been 7 world championships. The most recent championship is called World B-Boy Classic, in which the dancers have an hour before the competition begin to find a random partner. The point is to judge who does the best chemistry with someone that you haven't trained with.

It takes a lot of practice and a lot of the time depends on the effort you put in it but also to take it easy. The best way would be to create your own performance so that way you can feel confident about the moves and accommodate the step with the beat of the music without any problem.

Three Awesome Resources of breakdance

Resource #1:  B-boying Wikipedia
 Wikipedia's article, "B-boying" (2007),defines that breakdance has got wider each time all over the culture and it comes originally from African American and Puerto Ricans youth in New york in the early 1980s. Wikipedia asserts this by giving us breif information about subtites of breakdance with a couple of images and video. Wikipedia's purpose is to be informed what  a free style dance like b-boying/breakdancing is all about. Thier audience is for everybody who is interested in breakdance.

April Klazema's udemy blog, "5 Break Dance Moves for Beginners" (June 3, 2014), introduces 5  moves  that will make you look great on the dance floor. Klazema affirms this by explaining the definition of the moves and the steps to it. Klazema's purpose is to make a beginner feel great at the time of dancing and to make you feel confident at the dance floor. Her audiences are beginners in b-boying/breakdance.

Leonard Deleon's website, "Top 25 Craziest Breakdance Moves" (May 23, 2012), listed the 25 top craziest moves of breakdance. Deleon demonstrates this by showing a example of the move by a video and giving a little definition of the move. His purpose is to illustrate 25 diferente crazy moves , to see what all kinds of moves a b-boy or a b-girl are capable of at the dance floor. Deleon's audience is for breakdancers with experienced. 

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Get Ready to Move It!!

I'm excited to learn everything about breakdance! The dance where you give all you got. Where you move like a worm, like if you didn't have any bones. Just by watching how anybody at any age can move and see how they feel the music, it makes you want to "mover el bote" (rock the boat). There s no limits to the bet of the music, once you have the rhythm you can't stop. In the following video the 6 year old girl kill it.... When I was little I would like to watch movies in where they would do competitions of street dance. Now in days, it might sound crazy but I would like to be able to move like them one day. It will take time but it is not impossible. One day, my little brother and I were doing a breakdance competition, even though we couldn't do the moves we try our best to make it fun. It looks easy but I bet it's really hard. Though it's a good way to do exercise. 

It would be nice to compete in competition of breakdance. Show what you can do with your body and your skills. A great way communicate not only with your body but with the beat of the music you feel inside. Be part of a society in where art is express. There is many ways to get our world together and try different traditions. In every genre of music there is a message. You just have to go for it.

In this blog project I would like to learn: What it takes to be able to move in a way where you leave everything behind and be yourself? Your style of dressing? How long does it take to do a least a step? How much practice does it take? What kind of music is combine? What kind of different of competitions is there? :D