Monday, March 16, 2015

Blog Review: Break Dance - Freestyle

The blog of Break Dance - Freestyle by the author Pablo was made during the days 11-16 of June, 2008. It has three sections of information:

  • How breakdance came known in the world and how it help not have that much violence in the streets. 
  • Features of the dance. 
  • Different kinds of styles the combine into the style of hip hop like the breakdance. 

I like it, it had great information, it explain that in the 70 years the teenagers of the south of Bronx, New York of the community of Latina and African American with a long history, they afford the dance in the streets.

 It was a way to be able to dance and express what is inside of you like the exterior. A dance in where you can be creative and original in each individual. Have the freedom to create your owns movements. This type of cultural keeps going thanks to those hearts that all these individuals have for the dance.

 The style includes funk, hip hop, breakdance, krumping, liquid dance, locking, popping, robot, tutting, and uprock like a lot more genres. For example; Popping involves fast contraction and relaxation of muscles to cause a boost in the dancer's body related to a stroke and locking is characterized by fast and distant movement on the hands and arms combined with more relaxed movements of legs and hips. 

It needed more posts, but the two post posted they were nice. It would be great if they could keep blogging about it even thought if it is in Spanish but no worries you can translate it once you enter the blog. It has great images to view at the side, it helps to imagine and see how some moves will come out.

Have a look, check it out! :D Have a great day!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Turn it Up!

Relax and put some music,
Pump the day with your dramatic.
Put it high, put it low,
Get ready to blow with your grow.

Get up and shake the boogie,
With the humor that come up to you!
Don't get upset because there is no partner,
Just get the broom and sweep away!

Dance like if you were doing tango,
Wipe of the negative that wanders around.
That it wouldn't do no good,
Like if nobody is at home.

Chill and pump up some energy.
Yeah, Yeah you can do it...
Don't let nothing let you go down
Give it a try...once....twice...
I know you can do it!

Shake, shake..
Spin, spin...
Twist, twist...

Friday, February 27, 2015

Let It Flow

 Break the ice inside of you, 
when you get on the dance floor
to show what you got 
don't let the change go
that you still have time.

Move to the left
Move to the right
 Shake the body
that you have that boom.

Don't be scared to show
that bamba that contains
with the music that blooms 
your mind.

Be prepare to gloom 
off the night that with whom
you will compete

You don't need to be professional
to be famous, you just
need to trust yourself
and show that volume
that makes you move.

Set your mind free
and let it chill
through your bones
like the wind.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

How to do a windmill to backspin


The windmill is a popular move in breakdance. The breaker will roll his torso continuously in a circular path on the floor, across the upper chest, shoulder, and back while twirling his legs in a V- shape through the air.  

You will first start with a push up position with your knees touching the floor. Then, you will be taking your left arm and do the stabbed a basic windmill that will keep the hips up high which aids and executes the move. Next, you will bend the arm and place your elbow below your belly button and center left to right. Your right arm should be stabbed your right fingers should be pointing behind you. After, you will turn your upper body a little bit to the right, rotating your shoulders clockwise so you are looking to the right. Move your left hand over your right hand to do the stabbed. Rotate your lower to the right, so you drop to the left sides of your knees and your toes pointing to the right. You can make some adjustments to feel more comfortable. 


It will be an easy move to do, first you sit on the floor with one feet straight and the other leg in bend to 90 degrees. Then, you will kick in a circular motion with the other feet bend feet, follow with the straight one and go on your back. 

Finally, you will mix both of the moves, first the windmill and then add the backspin to complete your move. This move takes a lot of practice, discipline, and dedication. 

I'm very glad I could find the following animation to help you see how the move will come out. It looks really cool, I like it. It so amazing to how this guy can move like a worm. 

Have a great week  :D 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Book Review of "Breakdance: Electric Boogie, Egyptian, Moonwalk" (1984)

Electric Boogie, Egyptian, Moonwalk…
By: Bonnie Nadell and John Small

The book is very interesting because it contains information about the three types of breakdance:
  • Electric Boogie: Named that way because it looks like if current is going through your body.
  • Breakdancing: Also known as floor-rocking, it requires some gymnastics ability and a lot of flexibility.
  • Up-rock it is a street-gang fighting dance.

It starts with two different true stories of two different people and how they became interested in boogie and hip-hop. It also describes how to get the look of a breakdancer in the 1980s. It explains step-by-step how to be able to make the move and also illustrates la move with real pictures. It contains 11 moves of Electric Boogie and 9 of breakdance and one of up-rock.

I really like the helicopter move which is a three-man routine. One man acts as the spinning axis and the other two act as the propellers. One person sits on the shoulders of the person who plays the axis. The axis wraps his arms firmly around this person’s thighs. The third man hooks on to the feet of the person playing the other propeller by getting in between his legs and wrapping both arms around them. The axis begins to rotate, turning full circle on his feet by making many little steps.

Another movie I like is 1990, it is a difficult and a very athletic move. You first do a handstand and while keeping balance you spread your legs apart. The legs will provide the movement for the spin. After having your legs spread apart, you twist your hips slightly clockwise, and then spin them quickly in the other direction. Shift the weight of your body on the left hand which is the spin hand and lift your right hand off the ground. The spin should be fast, after spinning you should land on your feet and do a standing freeze. It is recommended to wear protective gloves. To be able to do this move you should have a strong arm and upper-body muscles. It's a really difficult move that even the best breakers can only do two or three full rotations.

The style of a breakdancer starts from the bottom with the feet, the sneakers, and the shoelaces. The sneakers should be gleaming white, bright blue, or red with thick, colored laces. They have to be clean without a speck of dirt, the laces tied with labyrinthine complexity. Jeans are preferred by some breakdancers, in colors ranging from black to gray to maroon. Many dancers wear athletic or jogging in dark colors rather than jeans. The sweatshirts with hoods are the key to protected your head and back while doing backspins and headspins. Accessories make the outfit complete, big brass belt buckles that spell out your street name and a gold nameplate necklace.

Girls also have a style, some wear baggy miniskirts and sweatshirts, others have warm-up suits like the guys. Some dress like the boys in dark-colored pants, but tighter and have loose tops instead. Many girls wear shoes instead os sneakers. A favorite color of a girl breakdancer is the pink.

Bonnie Nadell is the president of Hill Nadell Literary Agency based in Los Angeles and represents writers of both fiction and nonfiction. John Small was the photographer of all the pictures contain in the book. There is not that much information about both authors.

The information in the book is very useful, I like it explains very good the moves and it also has a picture so you can get an idea of how the move is supposed to be. The stories are very interesting, to be well known you have to go to a smaller town then come back to New York so the crowd gets curious to see who you are and what you got. I hope you have the chance to check out the book and have a look at it.